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lighted water wall

Bulbs are among the most anticipated flowers.
Once we see them pop up, we know that the long winter is ending and Spring is just around the corner.

  • Zen Garden Fountain


  • Pond


  • Waterfall


  • Waterfeature at Antun's



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Waterfeatures create a relaxing outdoor retreat

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water plantsgarden statuaryKOI in pondFountain

A well deserved Sanctuary from your hectic life.

When professionally done with attention to lighting, statuary and plantings, water features create exquisite focal points in your garden.

  • - Add beauty and relax with the peaceful sounds of falling or moving water
  • Create a waterfall to add beauty and the realxing sound of moving water
  • - Bird friendly gardens - Consider the inclusion of waterfeatures in your plans
  • - We have waterfeatures to fit every size property and budget. From fountains to ponds and full waterfalls, Dom's Landcsaping can create the project of your dreams.
  • - Annuals add a splash of color and variety to any landscape - talk to us about properly adding these to your watergarden creations.

  • - Let us create a custom lighting design that spotlights your waterfeature and turns it into a dramatic nighttime focal point.
  • Decorative accents like statuary add to the whimsical nature of your design