Mosquito Control

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If you are tired of dealing with mosquitoes and looking for something that actually works, call us now for more information.
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Mosquito Control

Tired of not being able to enjoy your yard because of mosquitoes and other insects? Have you grown weary of bug zappers, sprays and other chemical solutions that fall short and take you away from enjoying your outdoor space?

Mosquito Magician and Sprinkler Magician solutions flyer

Natural Mosquito Elimination

Sprinkler Magician - Mosquito Magician
The 100% Organic Solution that can be applied manually through any hand pump sprayer or runs automatically through your existing irrigation system.
  • - Turn any Sprinkler System into a Mosquito Machine
  • - Safe 100% Organic Solution
  • - Runs independent of your Irrigation Controls
  • - Treats the areas where the mosquitoes live (grass and plants)