Annuals and container plants


Flowering Bulbs

Bulbs are among the most anticipated flowers.
Once we see them pop up, we know that the long winter is ending and Spring is just around the corner.

  • Tulips


  • Hyacinth


  • Daffodils


  • Purple Crocus



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Style and a Splash of Color

Container plants
Interior PlantsInterior Plants
Flower BedsFences and Railings

Get Creative

A few ideas to add beauty and function to your landscaping

  • - Business owners can use container plants to create a welcoming entrance for customers.
  • - Herb Gardens add texture and variety to your plantings and of course they add zest to your meals.
  • - Bird friendly gardens help the creatures that stay north
    for the winter. The Audubon Society has some helpful tips.
  • - A bulb planting program starting in the fall adds early color.
  • - Annuals add a splash of color and variety to any landscape - talk to us about properly adding these to your landscape

  • - Get the children involved in planning, planting and tending to the garden.
  • Decorative accents like statuary add to the whimsical nature of your design
  • Garden Statuary
  • Child holding pail of flowers