October 1st we will begin sprinkler system shut down and winterization.
Please, contact our office at 516-488-6653 to set up an appointment as soon as possible.
The sprinkler system shut down consists of shutting down the water supply to the sprinkler system, turning off the sprinkler system controller, and blowing out or purging the entire system of water. This is important to do as any water in the system can freeze and damage sprinkler system components.

The cost to turn off and winterize is $75.00 up to 6 zones, please add $10.00 per additional zone thereafter plus NYS sales tax of 8.625% (unless you have chosen a prepaid service agreement. If you have not received an agreement, please call the office and we will send a contract.)

You may also choose to turn the water and controller off and call to schedule an appointment to have the system blown out. The technician will try to access the outside valve box to winterize. If it is determined that the system cannot be winterized due to old valves, root bound, one or more valves are buried outside the valve box or water supply not properly turned off, the technician may decline to perform the service. In such instance, the customer will be notified to reschedule the appointment when a representative of the home can be present.

Kindly remember the technician will need to have inside access unless you have opted to turn the water and controller off yourself. Please have a representative, 18 years or older available, if not yourself. We reserve the right to charge a service fee of $90.00 should the technician need to make a return trip due to missed, non-cancelled, and/or the customer or its representative is not available at scheduled window.  

Additionally, no repairs will be made to any system unless it will prevent the technician from properly shutting the system down. We will also be suspending backflow testing from October 15th - November 15th unless you have received a termination notice.

We appreciate your cooperation and thank you for your business!